Why should my firm join the Mississippi MBDA Business Center network?

01. We are here to support your business.

We can support you and your business. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you and your team in taking the steps you need to build your business. We can help you fill in the gaps to access the resources you need to thrive in the relationship and technology-driven economy.

02. We are building community.

Mississippi has heart and soul, and that comes from the strength of its people. Together the MS MBDA Network will reimagine the long tradition of innovation and creativity. Working together, the Mississippi MBDA Business Center can empower leaders to build community and drive commerce in the region, ensuring success for future generations.

03. We are bringing opportunities to you.

Many business owners from ethnic minority groups have been historically underutilized and have struggled to attain the growth of their counterparts. We want to help change that. Our team can work with your team and help identify the right-size contract opportunities for your business.

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