Reimagining Opportunities

The Mississippi Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center is committed to building community and supporting minority business owners. Together, we want to rethink the way business leaders prepare for the future. We are reimagining opportunities.

Our Services

The Mississippi MBDA Business Center Clients can get access to resources and tools that they need to build their businesses.

Capacity Building

We will assist MBEs that need support and resources to ramp up and scale to go after new projects.

Training & Development

The MS MBDA Business Center will connect with MBEs to provide the training they need to evolve and thrive.

Access to Capital

MBEs who have trouble getting a line of credit or capital for a new project can get access to partners who can help.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and visioning can help MBEs to plan for the future. The team at the MS MBDA can assist with planning.

Community Building

The MS MBDA Business Center is committed to building a community with thriving businesses and new opportunities.

Workforce Development

MBEs can provide gainful employment. Firms can learn how to recruit qualified team members and retain them.

Get Connected.

MBDA Clients participate in virtual meetings events to learn about new projects in their industry.

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Ready to find out more?

Are you a minority business owner? Is your business certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)? Any minority business owner, in any state, can become a client and take advantage of our resources.

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